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  1. Ligatures
    hey, i'm trying to brighten my sound, and i need some suggestions for a ligature that will fit my tenor sr tech legend. right now i'm using the rovner star series that came with it, and my tone seems muffled. i was wondering about maybe a rovner lagacy, with the metal plates. any other...
  2. Runyon ONLY
    I play a stock Meyer 6M right now. I have wanted something brighter for a long time but really wanted to master this thing first:banghead:. I hear Quantums are great on tenor but haven't heard much about them on alto. I'm thinking of trying the Quantum or Smoothbore. Does the Q have a small...
  3. Tenor mpc
    I play on a Rubber Meyer 7 with a #2 ZZ reed, and it's been alright for a while but lately I've been wanting a brighter stronger tone. I figure a stronger reed would be cost effective but something about the Meyer just isn't turning me on, you know? That #6 Dukoff D seems to be the best deal...
1-3 of 3 Results