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  1. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
  2. Borgani
    Hi, I'm considering buying a vintage soprano.It is Borgani Macerata one piece curved sax, gold lacquer, nickel keys. I don't have an opportunity to play test it. It looks as if it is in a good, playable condition. serial number is four digit: 13## I guess it is from the 70ties. What you...
  3. Borgani
    Hopefully someone knowledgeable with the Borgani can help me out. I'm from Brazil and found this used Borgani tenor saxophone being sold on this website (pics): Sax Tenor Borgani Macerata Laqueado Usado - Atelier Sopros e Cordas and here Sax Tenor Borgani Macerata Laqueado Usado - R$ 7.573,99. I...
  4. Borgani
    I have read several posts about Borgani tenors, where the owners are very satisfied. How about the Borgani altos, the OBA-series? Someone that plays or has stopped playing a Borgani alto? Please share your experience(s).
  5. Borgani
    So, I bought a used Borgani Joe Lovano tenor sax from reverb. It should arrive tomorrow. I was v. pleased with the price, especially after looking at various Selmer Paris models, including the Mark VI, for months. I realize it's a totally different concept from Selmer, and I'm excited about...
  6. Borgani
    I recently acquired a Selmer (London) Pennsylvania tenor which is the same model as shown on this site Same neck brace, guards, 3 hole strap ring. On that site they concluded that it was a Borgani. Here's an example of the identical Borgani version...
  7. Borgani
    Hi, I'm really interested in the Borgani alto, is there any place in the UK where they are still available? Or anyone around the London area who wouldn't mind letting me try their horn? Thanks!
1-7 of 37 Results