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  1. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    I have an alto Sax from Boosey & Hawkes Ltd, it has the following: It has XX Century stenciled on the bell It has stenciled: 'Boosey & Hawkes Ltd Makers, 295 Regent St. London. The serial number is 32544 I am not bothered in the slightest about the price - it's my main horn and I love...
  2. Amati
    Good afternoon I have a Lafleur Tenor Sax, made by Boosey & Hawkes in Czechoslovakia. Serial number dates it around 1974. Under the serial number is IL with a circle around them. Anyone have an idea what the IL stands for?
  3. Clarinet
    I very recently became the owner of a Boosey & Hawkes Symphony Imperial 1010 Bb clarinet. Not a venerated pre-WWII but it does lack the somewhat debated Acton vent, and its 150xxx serial probably dates it to around 1958. Cared for and immediately playable out of its very, very stinky case...
  4. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Hi everyone. I was on ebay and I thought this listing of a Boosey and Hawkes Tenor looks a bit like a selmer super - from the 30's - a stencil perhaps? if that exists of course. Take a look at the pinky cluster I've only seen that once before - on another London based company- Chas Hawkes...
  5. Tenor mpc
    Hello everyone. I bought a sax on eBay and it came with 2 mouthpieces. First one is a LELANDAIS JACK HEYWORTH SUPER TRUE LAY TENOR - . The second is a clarinet (I believe) mouthpiece Boosey & Hawkes Serial 32307. Here are the links for my eBay auctions...
  6. Double Reeds
    Hi, I'm actually a flute/sax/clarinet player. I've been interested in beginning the oboe too, but could not find an instrument I could use. Just a few days ago, a guy who usually repairs my sax acquired two oboes from a retired musician and sold them to me. They were identical Buffet Crampon...
1-6 of 7 Results