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  1. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    Hi all I'm searching early jazz and ragtime instructional saxophone methods published during the 20's . Some of the books I'm trying to find: F & U Popular Jazz Saxophone Method The Ernst Modern System of Improvising and Filling in for the Dance Saxophonist 1928 "The Rag-Time Saxophonist"...
  2. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hello, friends. (I really shouldn't post another question until I finish answering the posts on my other threads, but, if you will forgive me, here it goes...) Before sitting down to learn some transcribed solos, I usually like to listen to the solo first, to see if the style even interests...
  3. Teaching
    Promoting Your Books, Lessons, etc on Hey all, I haven't posted here in ages, but I am trying to get the word out that I am always looking for great content on my website,, so I thought I'd mention it here, as it has been a...
  4. Polls and Surveys
    Hi Music Makers... With various book formats to choose from,which do you prefer when practicing and learing new material. If the choices are PDF, Kindle, Mobi, ePub or Paperback,which do you prefer? Pick one or two to help Authors know what you prefer. We want to keep the information flowing...
  5. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    Dave Matthews Band saxophonist/educator/composer, author, and Jody Jazz Endorsee (Bari Sax DV8), Jeff Coffin has released his long-awaited 3-volume Saxophone Book! Over 15 years in the making, this incredible 3-volume set is an extraordinary presentation of the musical fundamentals that Jeff...
  6. Altissimo and Multiphonics
    What books do you recommend for altissimo study? What are some of your favorites?
  7. Shows
    Is there anyone out there that has a pdf copy of any of the reed books to Thoroughly Modern Millie? Preferably reed 4, but any of them would be great. Thanks!
  8. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    Hi, I am compiling a list of books on saxophone playing. Did I miss any works that should be included in your opinion? Thanks! A Complete Approach to Sound for the Modern Saxophonist - Ben Britton Art of Saxophone Playing - Larry Teal Developing a personal saxophone sound - David Liebman...
  9. Practicing
    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if such a things exists, or something similar. We all agree that long term practice routine makes a difference. There's PLENTY of resources on the web and in the forum too... So, to put it simple, what I'm looking for if there is a method/book/pdf that approaches...
  10. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    I want to read John Coltrane's biography, and the only one at the library seems to be a bit too much opinion and a bit too little biographing. the writing isn't bad but i'd like a book with more substance. any suggestions?
1-10 of 12 Results