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  1. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    Do you own any of Chad's books?
  2. Teaching
    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share an eBook and physical book I Co-wrote with saxophone player Alex Murzyn which is now available that I have been working on to aid students learning how to play jazz. 20% OFF USING CODE THIS MONTH FOR SOTW MEMBERS USING PROMO CODE: SAXSPY...
  3. Book Reviews
    Hi all, I just wanted to give a shout-out to master repairman, Stephen Howard's book Saxophone Manual: Choosing, Setting Up and Maintaining a Saxophone. Although I'm not ready to fully tear down, tweak, and reassemble my own horns, I found it a very nice overview, which instilled me with more...
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    This would be for a 10 yr old student on Alto. I'm looking for a book with transcriptions, preferably in the right key. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  5. Classical Saxophone
    Can anyone suggest a good, thorough book on the history of classical saxophone? Thanks -Will
  6. Shows
    Is there anyone out there that has a pdf copy of any of the reed books to Thoroughly Modern Millie? Preferably reed 4, but any of them would be great. Thanks!
  7. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I need some school books. I have Saxofonen och jag Vol. 1, i need vol2. vol 3. and vol 4. If u dont have that , i will appreciate any school books. TY:)
  8. Bb Soprano
    I recently started playing soprano sax and am loving it, but I wish there was more music specifically for sop. I know that it's compatible with any Bb music, but with trumpet and clarinet especially there are often notes that are too low for sop. Even when I play out of a tenor sax book it's...
  9. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I am trying to find a book of the music of Paul Desmond that has the alto part with a cd that has the band accompaniment. I tried looking online but I can't find one. Does anyone know of a book like this. I want play the sax part with the band accompaniment on cd. --Thanks :)
1-9 of 12 Results