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    From an 8-part private lesson
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    Just a head's up for those within striking distance of the Big Apple... Sunday, May 22 Who: Bob Reynolds Where: 55 Bar (55 Christopher St.) When: 9:30 (2 sets) With: Oli Rockberger (keys), John Shannon (gtr), Janek Gwizdala (bass), Mark Guiliana (drums)
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    Click Here for the link to tomorrow's webinar at 1pm EST (10am Pacific) If you're on the list, you'll receive a password 10 minutes before the webinar begins. If you're not, click here to sign up and be included. I'll also send you a free 15 minute video with some of my best advice on...
  4. Teaching
    Tonight I'll be performing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien with singer-songwriter Amos Lee. Trumpeter Rashawn Ross (Dave Matthews Band) and I will be backing up Amos on a new song. As I shared with members of my video lesson website, learning this tune--and coming up with the horn...
  5. Practicing
    Kirk Whalum pt 1: how to sing through a saxophone
  6. Practicing
    Transcribing in the digital realm drove me crazy until I figured this out.
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    Just for fun... The Challenge: put together a quick cover of a B.o.B. tune using only a Mac laptop running Logic Pro. No outboard keyboard; all sounds triggered/created using the 'caps lock' keyboard and the built-in mic to record the sax.
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    For years I thought I'd lost the master recording for this awesome session, but YESTERDAY I found it!!! Check it out! I was a senior at Berklee College of Music when I recorded this. I've also included in the download a bonus track from my 55 Bar show this January, featuring Keith Carlock...
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    WHO: Bob Reynolds band WHEN: Saturday, February 26th, 9pm WHERE: Blue Whale Bar 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St. Suite 301 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Tel: 213-620-0908 Joined by Dennis Hamm – piano / Calvin Turner – bass / Lemar Carter – drums
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    A cool, non-music video, inspired this topic. As a jazz musician, it is our task to digest large quantities of musical language and...
  11. Composer/Composition
    A response to a question I often receive: "...[I] was wondering what inspires your compositions or if you have any tips to composing?"
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    Here's a lesson I did for my students a couple weeks ago that has really inspired them. Thought I'd share it with the community here...or at least those that see this before midnight tomorrow evening when it turns into a pumpkin. :) Using 4-note cells to simplify complex changes: “Miyako” by...
  13. Playing Songs
    Great video: research and insight into the different way our brains behave when memorizing vs. improvising.
  14. Tips and Techniques
    For my money, saxophone in a pop setting gets no better than the work of these two gentlemen:
  15. Tips and Techniques
    Lots to learn from George Benson about finesse and how to build a solo arc.
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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes: Friday, January 21st, 2011 55 Bar, NYC 10 & 11:30 pm Bob Reynolds - saxophone Keith Carlock - drums Janek Gwizdala - bass Oli Rockberger - keys
  17. Practicing
    Using a modern rock classic as a vehicle to work with basic triadic harmony and 7/8
  18. Practicing
    I'm on a 2 hour bus ride from San Francisco to Sacramento so I thought I'd make good use of this time to write this post. The subject of a warm up routine has always fascinated me, probably because I've never had one. Let me clarify: I almost always warm up but I have never had a set regimen...
  19. Recordings, Movies
    Audience-captured clip from last night's show in New York at the 55 Bar, featuring Aaron Goldberg - Rhodes, Mike Moreno - guitar, Janek Gwizdala - bass, and Obed Calvaire - drums. Sound quality is unfortunately distorted at points, but the vibe is intact. :)...