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  1. Rock 'n Roll Saxophone
    1) Regardless of what the history of music has given us up to now and basing your answers on listening more than playing experiences, Which do you feel fits/sounds best for each of these types of music, alto or tenor? Why? Which do you personally respond to more as a listener? Why? Which...
  2. Music Venues Around the World
    hey guys... I'm on vacation with my sax in the lahaina area of Maui, and I'm just dying to jam. can you recommend any venues? please keep in mind I'm underage... thanks so much!
  3. Music Venues Around the World
    We have a nice list of jazz jams in Boston area, but what about blues/R&B/rock flavored jams? I'll start (just off the top of my head): Sundays - Chris Brown at Tommy Doyles (not sure what "pro jam" means. It could be invitation only? Or you just can't suck?), Stones Public House...
1-3 of 3 Results