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  1. Brand Name Players ...
    When I was a teenager I spent hours listening to–and staring at–Joshua Redman’s album “Joshua Redman”. I dreamed of one day playing like him. Maybe even meeting him. I never imagined sitting at the Blue Note in NYC listening to him perform a song I wrote! Click here to listen. Joshua Redman...
  2. Brand Name Players ...
    Does anyone know what tenor sax setup Sam Rivers used in the 60's? I have always loved his sound on albums like Fuchsia Swing, Contours and the rest of his Blue Notes catalogue. What horn and mouthpiece was he using?
  3. Recordings, Movies
    ... this video is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!
  4. Jazz and Improvisation
    What seven note scale do you play on a G7b5?
1-4 of 4 Results