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  1. Misc. Accessories
    ReedJuvinate received this picture from the Big Phat Band - Eric Marienthal loves ReedJuvinate, and introduced it to the rest of the sax players, including Gordon Goodwin himself! Eric sent an email saying they love the stability and the predictability of their cane reeds with the ReedJuvinate...
  2. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Check it out if you have a second: Thanks! Jeff
  3. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hello SOTW, I just got the Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band CD for Christmas, and I'm really loving the crazy solos (Sanborn's long solo in Play That Funky Music, and the alto/tenor duel in The Phat Pack, just to name a few) While reading the back of the CD, it said that the bonus DVD contains...
  4. Saxophone Solo and Ensembles
    Hey saxistas, I thought you might be interested in checking out my latest saxophone quartet video:
1-4 of 4 Results