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  1. Eb Baritone
    Hey guys, I am thinking about purchasing a Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series baritone saxophone, possibly with a black nickel body and gold lacquer keys. Is this saxophone any good? I have had some people tell me they are really good, and some people tell me they're not. Also, how much do...
  2. Necks
    I would like to get a FAT neck but, have a few questions. I have seen the FAT necks on here in the "raven" and "Mad Meg" finish. What i am looking for is a FAT neck in the "brute" finish for my Cannonball big bell alto. If anyone know has one or knows where to get one please reply or email me at...
  3. Cannonball
    Hello fellow members, how would you guys go about cleaning a Brute Tenor? Is there a certian thing i need to clean it? Anything i should avoid? Any suggestions will help! Thanks! GBrute.
  4. Cannonball
    So, I got my new Cannonball BBSS Raven tenor today!! It is absolutely amazing! I brought it home, and played for about 2 hours - no complaints whatsoever. Im in love with this horn! I think I dig the Fat neck more than the standard one. Its got a little buzz to it. But the standard neck is...
1-4 of 5 Results