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  1. Alto mpc
    Recently, a generous donation was made to my school by a former musician, which included two great saxophones and some of the equipment used with them. The mouthpieces that were included are Otto Link's and Berg Larsen's, One of each for tenor and alto. The mouthpieces work well, but I do not...
  2. Tenor mpc
    I recently received a Berg Larsen metal 150/2 SMS mouthpiece and decided to do some recording to compare it with my current main piece, a metal Otto Link Florida no USA 10*. I selected the tunes from the TOTM of April and the Beginners/Intermediates thread and posted the results already in those...
  3. Recordings, Movies
    Hi all, Just saw a great clip of the not so often mentioned Jimmy Forrest. See here for a recording of him playing Body And Soul with Count Basie: Check out what he does do at 4:47, I love it! And his almost collapsing high G at 5:03. Looks like he plays a metal Berg Larsen here. I know...
  4. Baritone mpc
    Hey, so recently I found an alto saxophone in an old case in my garage, with a saxophone I have as of yet not completely identified. (link to thread:! ) Oddly enough, though, there wasn't an alto mouthpiece...
  5. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I found an old mouthpiece and I tried to find some information about it, but I can't find anything about an 85 - 1 - SMS Bari mpc on the internet. Anyone know what this might be? It doesn't have a ligature, so anyone suggest a ligature that might work with it?
  6. Tenor mpc
    Hey guys. right now im playing a Beechler M7 on a buffet super dynaction. i like my tone and all but there's just something missing. I'm trying to find a more controlled, clean, bright tone. Any mouth piece suggestions? my teacher suggested a berg 120/1 or something around there. when i tried...
101-106 of 116 Results