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  1. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Hello, I have been a jazz fan been for many years and a hopeless sax addict, but now ready to turn my addiction from listening only to playing! I love the sound of a tenor sax and looking to buy my first/beginner tenor sax. Given that my first & foremost priority is to ensure that I have the...
  2. Misc. Instruments and Voice
    I recently picked up a keyboard in the hopes of teaching myself a little piano. I figure learning chords and chord progressions will help me progress as a musician, and maybe even get to the point where I can comp myself for recording a few songs. My problem is I don't know where to start with...
  3. What to Buy & Why: Mouthpieces
    My son is a 5th grade student just starting up with the alto saxophone. He is really enjoying playing so far, and being a long time band guy myself (clarinet), my wife and I want to support and encourage him. Christmas gifts will include a neckstrap, music stand and metronome. We got a Jupiter...
  4. General Discussion
    So, I'm not sure if any of you remember my previous post, but I mentioned that my very first gig is coming up on December 10th. My teacher decided that I should play the ever-so-popular (yet ever-so-overplayed) Pink Panther. I've been practicing for about a week and I just started playing the...
  5. General Discussion
    Hey. Im brand new to these forums and i have just got my Alto Sax. I am waiting for my lessons to start in a few weeks or so, is there anything i can/should do to keep my self busy with the saxophone. I'm so excited!!
  6. What to Buy & Why: Mouthpieces
    For Jazz/Blues? Classical? Others?
  7. General Discussion
    Hi Group, thanks for letting me join. A little background and then my question: I've played keys for 15 years, with formal classical instruction for the first 7 or so years. I dabbled with sax and trombone in jr. High, a couple of semesters each in band, but no private instruction. I currently...
  8. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Hi, this is my first thread in this forum and first thing that i want to say is, I'm sorry if this thread have ever been discussed before. I'm from Indonesia, and I have been playing saxophone for just 1 year, i am using chinese sax (used) brand lincoln tenor that i bought for approx. $450...
  9. General Discussion
    My daughter (12), has been playing the Tenor for about 6 months now. She is progressing very well(I don't even need the earplugs anymore!). Just kidding. As most kids do, she started out renting a Tenor through the school. It is a Cannonball T5 Alazar. Truthfully, I hate the horn. The...
  10. Jazz and Improvisation
    Has anybody got any tips on how to begin learning improvisation? I've been playing alto sax for about eight years, and an opportunity to join a band in desperate need for a sax has just come up, but I'm worried about improvising solos for cover songs. - where do I start?
81-90 of 90 Results