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  1. Bb Soprano
    Hi I am a beginner sax player. I have one question regarding instrument choices. Will I as a beginner even be able to hear/exerience a difference in the two saxophones? I own a JPS-747. It serves me quite good, but I do not have anything to compare it with. Shops in my country/area do not have...
  2. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    There's been a question on my mind, and that's the difference in the saxophone and the clarinet (specifically bass) embouchure. I switched a few months ago, and although I feel as though I'm going along my merry way relatively well, I started to wonder as a regular sax player what I might be...
  3. What to Buy & Why: Mouthpieces
    Is there much difference between the BARI Esprit and the BARI Esprit II mouthpieces? According to this link, they have square chambers. I noticed that the "Esprit" came for several Saxophones, Alto, Tenor...
  4. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    I would be getting an rsr intro soprano saxophone. This is a link... I would not buy it new though. I found one for sale that was played only a few times. I would just need to buy reeds. They want $450 for it but I am going to...
  5. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi guys, I've been trying to play along with David Sanborn on some songs, and this one just trips me up a bit. All I know is that the primary key is concert D dorian. If anyone knows the changes to this song, that would be a huge help. Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results