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  1. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Hi all, (after years of just reading, I'd like to make a first post here, so a short introduction is in place). I'm Teake, playing tenor for about 35 years, in several pop/blues/jazz/gospel/bigband settings. I've got a Vito "Duke" tenor, made in france, nr 18778. Which probably makes it a...
  2. Noblet
    Hello All, I am new to the forum and I am very glad to have joined. Anyways, I VERY recently purchased a Noblet Paris tenor sax from the good people at Saxquest. I plan on doing the work myself to get it into top shape (pray for me). Anyways, it's a very pretty horn, but in spite of all the...
  3. Beaugnier, G. Leblanc & Vito
    After months of always coming back and admiring the posting on eBay for this Beaugnier alto I finally bit the bullet and went for it. I knew going in that it was missing a pad, it is ugly (and I love ugly horns!), and it will eventually need a full repad eventually. Plus the G pad fell out in...
  4. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    I have recently bought this tenor saxophone, and i have been searching online for information of this horn. However i cannot find anything about an E. Beuagnier "King" Tenor sax. I found on doctorsax mention of an alto sax in the "King" series but not the tenor. The serial number on the sax is...
  5. Beaugnier, G. Leblanc & Vito
    There was a Noblet soprano sax on ebay that I purchased. Got it today. What a beautiful tone! It needs more work than advertised, and it lacks an aux F. The serial number was listed wrongly too, but I'd suspected that. It's a 14xxx. I'm eating my heart out a little because now that I have it in...
  6. Noblet
    I've had this for a while and haven't shared. It's a throaty little thing.
  7. Noblet
    Picked this up last year and finally got it back from my (busy) tech. Posting here to show it off because I know there are some people who are interested in these horns.
1-9 of 33 Results