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  1. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Dear musicians, don't know, if it is the right place of the forum for my question: Pls, I'm searching 2 small tunes of the old swing-aera: 1. Coleman Hawkins - "Bean and the Boys" - a head over a tune by S. Romberg - "Lover come back to me" 2. Coleman Hawkins - or Ben Webster - "De-Dar" a...
  2. Jazz and Improvisation
    Has anyone successfully worked thru the Hal Leonard book of Coleman Hawkins solos as transcribed by Timo Shanko? I spent a fair amt of time on the "Body & Soul" transcription (as well as some others) last year using the wonderful free program "Best Practice" to loop & slow down Bean's...
1-2 of 2 Results