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  1. Bb Bass
    The pros and cons of the bass sax are well known by anyone in this section of the forum. There's very little music written specifically for it, and it's heavy, but it's also super cool. I'm in Austin, and I've started playing in a few jazz ensembles and some HONK-adjacent groups as well as...
  2. Instruments and Accessories
    Hello, I am interested in purchasing a bass saxophone in the near future for my small collection/advance my playing/brass band. Given the high price and general scarcity of basses, I want to make a good pick. I came across J'elle Stainer saxophones", anyone knows if they are solid horns? Any...
  3. Baritone mpc
    hi folks - can anyone make a guess as to the ID on this old baritone / bass mouthpiece? I've no need for it, as I've sold both my baritones.
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Does anyone have a transcription of Ron Carter's intro and head to "Beatrice" on the "State of the Tenor" recording by Joe Henderson? I found his solo, but not his "comping" when Joe's playing the melody. Thanks!
  5. Soprano, Bass and Misc. mpc
    Hello, I´ve got this Selmer Soloist E Bass Saxophone mouthpiece in great shape that will be put for sale but I am trying to determine a price. According to my research soloist mouthpieces were included with Mark VI bass saxophones (but not sure if with this tip opening) but have not found...
  6. Bb Bass
    In 1928-29 Rollini wrote a nine-part series of short articles, and the are very good. He not only writes about horns and mouthpieces, but also about sound and performance. These are wonderful, and have lots of info I had never seen. They are posted on, Which has...
  7. Brasswinds
    My bari was in the shop, so I took my French horn to rehearsal - and found out that it was easy to cover the bari part on horn. (The bari's bottom A is the horn's first-line bass-clef G, which is at the bottom of the normal range for a 4th horn player, and a high E on bari is a horn's D in the...
  8. Bb Bass
    Every bass sax fan knows the two main types- Conn/Buescher style, or Selmer style. Seeing I can't afford anything made outside of China, what is the best Conn/Buescher style bass sax made in China? I love the sound of bass, and have done some research, but you know how Chinese products are...
  9. Bb Bass
    I recently was browsing for a bass saxophone to buy when I came across a bass I had never seen before- A Tide Music BS500. The site listing it had it very cheap. This is the link: *****link removed by admin ** this is not a place to post instrument for sale ******* I have been researching for...
  10. Jazz and Improvisation
    I'm thinking it might be cool to learn to do walking-bass style comping on tenor or bari, using the sax like a bass for another instrument to improvise over. Someone must have done this before if only as a novelty, right? Can anyone point to audio or video of a sax being played like a walking bass?
  11. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I won an auction with some mouthpieces that I thought were for a tenor. Man was I wrong. Maybe they're for a bari, but wouldn't be surprised if they are for a bass!! From top to bottom in the pic below: Johnston-Selmer "New York" marked "Original" 5.03" (127.8mm) length; 0.73" (18.7mm) neck...
  12. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Quite a good number of jazz transcriptions here by jazz bassist Dave Fink
  13. General History
    I was in a local used bookstore the other day and found an interesting old book with some saxophone pictures in it. It's titled "Music Notation And Terminology" by Karl W. Gehrkens. I have not read this book but I suspect the author to be German. The copyright date is 1914. While most of the...
1-13 of 33 Results