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  1. Baritone mpc
    I have been offered a DB handmade baritone silver plated baritone mouthpiece. I can't playtest it, so I need some advice here. It reveals the typical dot engraved DG, a T and a B on the other side of the shank and below a faint serial number which looks like 179. The mouthpiece is in original...
  2. YouTube videos
    Very funky Bari-Sax from Germany :bass:
  3. Acoustics
    Hi there. I need your opinion to solve issues with a baritone sounding uneven in a loud setting. It's for a friend of mine who plays a Yanagisawa B 992 with a Berg Larsen mouthpiece. He's got an Acoustic Image amplifier along some effects (reverb and octave) and he struggles to get an even...
  4. P. Mauriat
    I've been playing baritone for over 20 years, so I'm no stranger to it (my primary horn). My baritones of choice for the past 15 years have been Conn 12m's. Two weeks ago I got a Mauriat PMB-302. I love how it plays, the action, response, feel, look, etc. However, I'm having trouble getting...
  5. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Hello, who could help? I own the following instrument (see pictures). And I would like to play it. But actually I miss a lot of parts. Could you help in the following points, because I'm not an instrument maker: - Which parts exactly are missing? - Who could provide parts? or from whom could...
  6. What to Buy & Why: Mouthpieces
    Hi there! I'm a new member looking for some advice on switching from alto sax to bari. Lil bit of background on my experience: I've been playing alto sax for the past 6 years now in general band, concert band, symphonic band, marching band, and a community band. I've been playing around with...
  7. Baritone mpc
    Just wondering if anyone is playing or has played the Aizen LS Baritone piece. I believe it is a copy of a slant link piece. Haven't been able to find any reviews or sound samples as yet so would love to hear what you can tell me about these pieces.
  8. Baritone mpc
    After buying a True Tone from 1929 (low Bb, high E), I noticed that my intonation was ~30 cents sharp, so I switched from a Yamaha 5C to a Caravan, which was actually overcompensating. Now it varies in its intonation from slightly flat to about 20 cents flat, even with the shank pushed in as far...
  9. High School and College
    Hey Im Chris, Im a senior in high school, and I play the baritone saxophone. I applied to Berklee and New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. I did really well in my Berklee audition and they gave me a full tuition scholarship and they nominated me for a presidential (i have to submit extra...
  10. Conn I thought I knew a lot about Conn baritones, but this is the second one of these I've seen for sale in the past 6mo, and I've never seen one before that (and never in person). It's low A, but it's stamped "12m" instead of...
  11. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    I just purchased my first professional saxophone and love it. I bought a Yamaha Yas-82z in the black finish. So now I am beginning to look at baritones. I was wondering what Professional Baritones come in the black laquor. I really don't want to go with the standard gold or silver because the...
  12. Baritone mpc
    In a possible trade I received this Berg Larsen for Amanda to test. Before I hand it over I gave the piece a once-over. The 'seller' stated "I just had Matt marantz look at it last week. He said looks original." Here are pictures of the piece. Does this look 'original'??
  13. Ligatures
    Hi, I'm playing a conn 12M with an old vintage otto link slant. (refaced to 120 tip) It's a great combo, I love it. The problem is that the mouthpiece came with a silver old two screw ligature (I don't think it's the original ottolink one) that is a little too big. I tried it on a vandoren B95...
  14. Ligatures
    Hi, i would like to know what size a baritone 'Morgan vintage' needs ,because i find only this( ) on the web but it refers to a morgan j (mean jazz?,discontinued model?)
  15. Baritone mpc
    So i'm accustom to My Meyer 9m on alto, and recently got into my Jazz ensemble on Bari. In high school I played on an Otto Link metal but i have no idea what the size is. So any suggestions? I have no preference between metal and Hard Rubber.
  16. Baritone mpc
    Hello fellow baritone friends, I am not new to SOTW, but I very rarely post on threads. I am actively looking for a new baritone setup. I just bought a beautiful 138xxx Selmer Mk VI Low Bb, and I played a wooden Lebayle (tip opening 9) for years. I recently switched to an ebonite Otto Link 7...
  17. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hi, I have recently discovered an Adolphe SAX Baritone in a school instrument storage cupboard at my place of work. This sax hasn't been played for a number of years and I am currently considering whether it is worth selling to fund the purchase of a number of new instruments. Below is a...
  18. Baritone mpc
    hi everyone, i love hard rubber mouthpieces, i feel uncomfortable with metal mouthpieces, and i loved the jumbo javas on alto and tenor, so, is there any HR bari mpc as bright as a jumbo java?, it should exist, so you guys may know, thanks!
  19. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    I've always been playing Alto and wanting to make the transition to Bari since they're so similar. Does this Yamaha YBS-52 look good? What do you think about the YBS-52 in general? I'm wondering if this is worth watching on eBay. Thanks.
  20. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I was wondering where I could obtain this piece. Does anyone know his contact information? Any info on this piece would be helpful. Thanks!