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bari case

  1. Eb Baritone
    I recently bought a Conn 11m, great horn but one small problem. The bell is SUPER huge and the case (gard) i bought barely fits and puts strain on the bell. Does anyone know and soft cases that have enough room for a big bell like that to suit it comfortably so i dont have to cry at night...
  2. New Product & Dealer Announcements
    Our newest line of designer cases has just arrived, and we're very excited about them. The new "Schizo" series includes cases for soprano (straight and curvy), alto, tenor and bari, plus clarinet and trumpet for those who are so inclined. Not that there's anything wrong with that... To see the...
  3. Cases
    Has anyone heard of the cases by Michael Manning? Does anyone own one by him? What is his usual price range for a bari case if known?
  4. Cases
    Dear Martin bari owners, I have recently got a great Martin Bari with left-side bell keys (lower Bb model), should be from 1962. I love the horn so much I couldn't put it down since the day i got it. I really wanna bring it to gigs too but the original case's condition is so bad. I need to buy...