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  1. Cases
    Hi Everybody, For years I knew that the alto version of the Bam softpack comes with 2 backpack straps, and the tenor comes with only one. According to the description on their website, it seems like Bam added the 2nd backpack strap to their tenor softpack case - making it one of (or the only?)...
  2. Cases
    I've got a silver BAM case that seems to scratch if I look at it wrong. I've tried getting the scratches out with their recommended car paint scratch compound idea, and it's not working. Anyone else have a solution? Thanks so much! Best, Max
  3. Cases
    Hi all - Ive seen a few posts similar to this regarding the bam cases but would truly appreciate any help I can get. In Toronto at Long and Mcquade the only contoured cases available for tenor are Protecs, Bams, and Skbs. I am currently looking to buy a case that will have a few attributes: 1...
  4. Cases
    After 20 years of service my Walt Johnson tenor case finally gave up the ghost having been dropped by an Uber driver in a hurry at Miami International. Thankfully Uber is giving my full replacement value for the case and the horn damage. It seems like the BAM cases get very high marks from SOTW...
  5. Misc. Accessories
    I bought a BAM SW-0018 swab for my soprano saxophones, because I use and like BAM Trekking cases and BAM mouthpiece pouches. The swab was supposedly designed for straight soprano saxophones. I put the swab in the bell and tried to pull it through the neck but it became firmly lodged in the neck...
  6. Cases
    Anyone else have problems with the BAM cabin case? I have a Custom-Z alto and feel like it doesn't quite fit right and like I am smashing my neck. Not sure if I will be keeping it......
  7. Cases
    Hey All, as the title clearly says, I am thinking about lugging out my piggy bank to buy a BAM case, but before I buy one and find out that it doesn't fit, does anyone know if they will fit my YBS-52 Bari? Thanks!
  8. Evaluations/Member Transactions/ United States
    So I finally had enough money for a new case and I thought of the cases everyone has recommended i.e. Hiscox, BAM, Bags from Spain, Manning and out of everything I thought the BAM Trekking case would be the one for me since I needed it to carry music, sax stand, and be a backpack case. So I...
  9. Cases
    As the title suggest I am looking for if anyone owns a Conn 12M and knows if it fits in a BAM case. Please do not post by looking at the BAM sight and saying that it should or shouldn't fit. Only post if you know for sure that it does or doesn't. thank you.
  10. Cases
    I apologize in advance if this has been asked before, however I'm looking to buy a BAM softpack for my Yamaha Custom 875 Alto. My Mark VII tenor fits beautifully in my tenor softpack but I was wondering if a Yamaha would suit the BAM? Typically I would just take my horn down to a local dealer...
1-10 of 16 Results