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  1. Notation Software, MIDI, etc
    Hello! I have a Super Balanced Action Tenor sax and I’m looking for recommendations for a nice home recording mic. I recently bought myself a Focusrite Scarlett Studio bundle (2nd gen) and I’m happy with it but the mic that came with it doesn’t seem ideal for sax recording. However I’m only...
  2. Selmer (Paris)
    Do the type of trees present in the balance action engraving lake scene mean anything? Mine has palm trees but I've seen them with pines too. Were the Euro ones engraved with different trees than American horns or is it something else?
  3. Cases
    Hi Folks, I have an old Selmer Balanced action (1938) and l want to buy a new case for it. I've been looking at BAM cabine cases and l believe they use a MKVI as the mould. A couple of questions: Will my BA fit in this case? What cases do you fellow BA owners use? Thanks in advance Tom
  4. Stolen Instruments, Music
    Now this is unbelievable and a true shock for every player. A friend's horn were stolen two nights ago in a burglary in Frechen near Cologne, Germany. Other things were stolen, too, so it seems this burglary was not directly addressed to the four saxes. I will post a link to the German...
  5. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Hi everyone, I've just come back from a short break and found that the g# button on my 1938 Balanced Action won't return. From what I can see the spring appears to be in place. If anyone can help I'll be infinitely in their debt. Cheers.
  6. Brand Name Players ...
    Okay, so I know at around 2005 she got her Inderbinden then "Dropped it," and switched back to her Mark VI. But in some more recent videos it would appear as though (judging by the neck) that she's been playing on a Balanced Action? <> Maybe some one...
1-6 of 26 Results