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  1. Training Material
    Hi All, For four years now I've been running an online saxophone video course. Until now it has been a hobby and part time venture but it has become incredibly popular and I now have 1 million YouTube views :O Whoa! For this reason I've decided to invest some time and money into creating...
  2. Solo Performer
    Hi All. Greetings from sunny South Africa. I'm looking to get hold of a backing track for Paul Desmond's EMBARCADERO in the original key. I play alto and I've searched the web frantically to no avail. Does anyone have a copy of a backing track for this song that I could use or direct me to...
  3. Late Bloomers
    Hi, just wondered if there were any late bloomers in my area that share my interest of playing to backing tracks, I use various backing tracks, but mostly I use the guest spot playalong series for alto and Tenor sax. I play purely as a hobby for the love of music at home, but it would be nice to...
  4. Electronic Equipment
    Anyone play in a group (with drummer) that uses sweetener tracks on a regular basis? Not a permanent install, but a gigging group. How do you monitor? What type of music? I'm debating doing this in a quartet so I can stop playing one-handed keyboard and focus just on reeds.
  5. Electronic Equipment
    Hi! I don't know if a thread has already been made on this subject, but it doesn't matter... ;) I'm wondering about how to do a jazzy backgroung (drums, bass etc...) that could be used with GarageBand. I know that there's already the "JamPack", but is there something a little bit cheaper...
  6. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Hi all, need to play at a wedding on Alto, anyone got a transcription and backing track? Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results