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  1. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    I am between 3 tenors: Andy Sheppard Autograph - Eastman 52 St. - Signature Custom Raw XS Does anyone of you had the chance to play these 3 saxophones? Which is the difference in the sound? I play blues, rock&roll, soul & funk music. I use a Durga 3 metal mpc. Any advice? It is almost...
  2. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    Recently, I had a conversation with the owner of this Birdland menu. He went to hear Charlie Parker and Red Rodney play. He was an enlisted sailor stationed in New York. Stan Getz, Harry Belafonte, Lee Konitz were there hanging out listening. Symphony Sid was broadcasting the concert. He went...
  3. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Some SOTW members have requested and received autographs on their saxophones (see below). Who else here would be inclined to request this? What are your opinions on this practice? How does a famous signature affect an instrument's value? Are players endorse a particular brand reluctant to...
1-3 of 3 Results