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  1. Martin
    Hey All, I recently saw a martin bari for sale with a high f attachment added to it. I was wondering if this is actually effective. I've heard stories of other people doing this with their vintage conns and suddenly the rest of the horn doesn't resinate as well and the tuning is all screwy. That...
  2. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    The latest from the original poster: I read the the thread in question, so did everyone else and no-one else got any viruses. After all neither did the original whistle blower. It is wise and prudent to be alert on mal-ware. It is recommended that you up-load images as SOTW attachments rather...
  3. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    I have been looking for a song called Careless Whisper. I found this thread: And there are many attachments on that thread with the sheet music I am looking for. Unfortunately, when I try to open, download an...
1-3 of 3 Results