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  1. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    I went to look at an alto I found online for sale. Listed as a Selmer USA AS100. Upon looking at it, the serial number is 121xxxx. In my research I see that the AS-100 have a serial number begins with 82xxxx. The only altos I can find with a 121 serial number are Selmer Paris Mark VI. This is...
  2. Selmer (USA)
    I was given an alto saxophone five years ago from a friend. He had inherited it from a family friend, so neither of us really know anything about the horn. I knew it was a Selmer USA from the engraving and case, and the serial number is 822421. Tonight, I looked up "selmer usa alto saxophones"...
  3. Selmer (USA)
    So, word on the net is that the Omega (162) alto had a larger bore than the AS100. Also that the only differences between the AS100 and the AS110 (first series, Made in USA with 3 point ring body to bell brace), were only cosmetic (different engraving/finish and some changes in key touches -...
1-3 of 4 Results