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  1. YouTube videos
    Happy Sunday, SOTW! Bill Evans' composition "Very Early" is really extraordinarily beautiful with sneaky, interesting chord changes and a deceptively simple and singable melody that ties it all together. For some reason I never got around to learning it until this year, and I've been a bit...
  2. Playing Songs
    I'm looking for examples of "modern" (post 1960's????) pop tunes performed in a Jazz style. Think of an instrumental version of "Postmodern Jukebox." I'm looking for performances that keep the melody relatively the same, so audiences can recognize them. Said differently, I'm looking for...
  3. Polls and Surveys
    Which do you prefer? I used Sibelius in college, but it's been a long time and I could go either way now. A friend of mine is a contemporary composer and he likes how Sibelius handles alternate notations, but I'm mostly doing jazz and pop arrangements.
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Just wanted to share this free resource I came across: I've just started working with it, but it's very instructive if you're new to arranging.
  5. SOTW Member Compositions & Arrangements
    Hi, all Are you an arranger, too? In case you're interested, I'd like to share a modest collection of articles I've written about arranging. Most of these articles deal with the sorts of things you don't find in arranging books: Tips for being productive and meeting a deadline. How to write...
  6. Composer/Composition
    I'm offering my services to anyone looking for original music or arrangements. I'm interested in writing for big bands of any level: middle school, high school, college, professional, etc. I will offer discounts to the first few people that reply, as I'm looking to build a portfolio and some...
  7. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    This will be the last time I ask but I'm still hoping someone will lead me to music which features the "Twin Alto Sound" of Billy Vaughn's arrangements such as "Sail On Silver Moon". His arrangements in that period featured the altos playing in thirds, I believe. Someone must have access to...
  8. SOTW Member Compositions & Arrangements
    Hey Folks! I'm thinking about arranging the song "Concerning Hobbits," from "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, for my sax quartet. What do you guys think? Should I try it? Or do you think I should spare the song some dignity and just not even try? Do you think it'd be a good song...
1-8 of 9 Results