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  1. Bb Tenor
    Greetings all. I just purchased a Buescher tenor sax, the serial number is 292084. This lead me to believe that it was (from the photos) an early Aristocrat. However, it has the True Tone stamp on the back and has the mother-of-pearl G# key. It has the snap on pads. So I am confused. Why would a...
  2. Buescher
    This was my dad's sax from when he was in high school - mid 60s. All original as far as I know and in pretty good condition compared to some of the others I have googled. Serial # is 345xxx and user those numbers it has 156. Not a Big B, just Buescher with floral engraving above and below. I'm...
  3. Buescher
    Hello Everyone, I have been playing since '89 with a huge hiatus the last 12 years (marriage, kids, career) and am just getting back to playing with all the excitement of a new student. I have always played Selmers. Started with a Bundy II tenor (not really a Selmer) then to a '56 Mark VI alto...
  4. Buescher
    I have the opportunity to purchase an Aristocrat 654XXX for $400 CDN/$315 USD which (according to the serial lists I've seen) seems to be c.1975-6. It is in excellent condition, a closet queen, and comes with a Brilhart MP. I haven't played it yet because some of the corks between the keys and...
  5. Buescher
    Hi everyone, I have a Buescher baritone saxophone that I bought quite a while back. I liked how it played, and wasn't overly concerned with what I was purchasing at the time. Now, I am a bit more interested and would like to figure out exactly what it is that I have. Its serial number is...
  6. Necks
    My tech recommends that I try to find a new neck but I don't know where to look. The sn of my 'crat is 342515 which puts it around 1951. Any ideas where to find one?
  7. Buescher
    A local seller has an Aristocrat alto, sn 354xxx, for $300 (with neck and mouthpiece). Let's assume the horn needs a total overhaul. Would you go for it? I haven't yet seen the horn and the seller doesn't know anything about saxes (left over from an estate sale). I'm checking it out Saturday...
  8. Buescher
    I just switched from a P. Mauriat tenor (PMXT-66RUL) to a 156 #342xxx (1952?). This is a real players horn, not a "like new" looker. Due to it's looks I got a great deal. I liked the P. Mauriat's sound but didn't like it's somewhat stiff key movement or that it was so heavy (weight). My 'crat...
  9. Buescher
    I went to get my Aristocrat big B alto put back into playing order and was told that it wasn't even worth repadding much less the two broken springs and a couple of corks. I had been under the impression that Big B's were very desirable horns and worth much more than the $400 he estimated the...
  10. Buescher
    Is this one called 155 or 127? It dates from 1947
  11. Buescher
    I just bought this beauty from 1936, i'm so happy!
  12. Buescher
    After many different horns over the years, from Mark VIs to 6Ms, I find myself without an alto again. After many good experiences with trying out Buescher horns and having used to play a late 400 bari and a TT tenor way back when, I have decided to pick up a series I 'crat alto. I found a decent...
  13. Buescher
    I found a Buescher Aristocrat Tenor with serial nr 235xxx. The serial nr charts say that the Aristocrats start at about 264xxx, but the engraving sais Aristocrat. Who can tell me more?
1-13 of 34 Results