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  1. Practicing
    Hi, I recently published an ear training app for Android based around my own requirements. I am now considering expanding on it and would like some other opinions on the format and any features that could be added or improved. The app currently supports intervals, chords and scales, with chord...
  2. Practicing
    hello well first off , hope you guys are enjoying your holidays (: ok so my questions is in regards to practicing. usually I record myself using my cell phones camera recording features and attaching a pair of headphones with a Mic. it usually works soso but not very reliable. do you guys know...
  3. Tips and Techniques
    Yeah, that's right. I DON'T have an iPhone. And I've felet a little out of the circle of cool kids. But, now I got an EVO 4G and very happy with it. And since they just came out with the iReal B for Android this weekend (with playback and transposing and EVERYTHING)! I'm all excited about...
1-3 of 5 Results