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  1. B&S, Guardala and Huller
    Guardala black nickel Pro Custom alto on eBay: I've never played a Guardala but reading up on them it sounds like people have high opinions of the B&S horns, but that there are also new...
  2. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Hello and thank you for your potential help. I'm not a saxophone expert but I need to get one of those two following models: - Amati Kraslice Classic Lignatone (alto sax)...
  3. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Hi Guys, Sorry for the long thread title I'm new to the forums and thought that this would be the best place for my question, but if I'm wrong I'm sorry. My query relates to what saxophone I should buy. Just a bit of background, I played for about four years a while back but haven't played...
  4. Amati
  5. Amati
    Hello, I consider to buy some amati (czechoslovakia) tenor saxophone. As I know, most of them are absolutely not good. This one, I found, seems to be interesting (it's rather other model than usually may be found) Please, look at the picture and s/n and - if you can - please help me to...
  6. Eb Alto
    A guy is selling an AMATI KRASLICE TONEKING Alto Sax, from the mid 50 or before he says. He tells that the sax is in very good shape, other than the marks of age. It also comes with an A.Lelandais mpc, that I don't know if it is good or not. I would like to have some insights on this horn...
  7. Amati
    Hello all. I'm currently out on tour and today I had a day off and stopped into a pawn shop. They had a lot of saxophones, but most of them seemed a bit over priced. They did have an old Amati Toneking Kraslice Soprano sax that caught my eye. The pads looked to be at about 50%, it had a 3...
  8. Amati
    After finding out about the well hidden qualities of Amati (see earlier posts) I decided to try and complete the collection of, preferably old, Amatis. Just days after buying the tenor, which by the way is now in use by my youngest in a dixie band, I bought an old Amati soprano. Model Super...
  9. Amati
    Hey all, Most folks know what the Yamaha model numbers stand for (anything starting with a 2 is a student horn ex. 21, 23 and 275. Horns with a 4 ex. 475 are intermediate. Horns with a 6 are pro ex. 61 and 62 and horns with an 8 are custom pro horns ex. 82z or 875ex). Does anyone know what the...
  10. Amati
    Does anyone know the difference between these two saxes? I saw them at wwbw at the exact same price and they look relatively similar. I was also wondering if these saxes were any good and if possible better or worse than an Antigua Winds pro level tenor. Thanks!
  11. Amati
    Hi everybody, im thinking of buying this Toneking Tenor sax, serial #16xxx what can you tell me about this saxophone, if i get it right its made before 1945 but im not sure. hope you can help
  12. Clarinet
    Dear friends of wind instruments anyone can share opinions about this G clarinet? Amati ACL 340S G-Clarinet Is it worth the price? good intonation? uniform sound? something else? Regards Marcovaldo.
1-12 of 18 Results