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  1. High School and College
    Amanda & 'her' quartet..... May not be the most difficult pieces, but I enjoyed it quite a lot!
  2. Who We Are & "Get Togethers"
    Amanda will be at NAMM today (Sunday) with her bf. For those that have already attended NAMM are there any booths that are a 'must visit'?? She'll be pretty easy to spot, look for a couple were the guy is 6'2" and the woman is 5'!!! She'll be there representing 'NICK RAIL'. He'll be playing...
  3. High School and College
    After less than a week after switching from her beloved Selmer Ref.54 Kookaburra to a Conn 26M with the NY neck Amanda won an award for outstanding musicianship at the Reno Jazz Festival for her performance of 'Georgia on My Mind'. Hope you enjoy!!
  4. High School and College
    About 16 minutes long, mutliple clips on alto, soproano, flute & piccolo.
  5. High School and College
    Done with a phone, so quality is not the best.....
  6. YouTube videos
    OK, so it's not very long, but for concert band it's pretty exciting.... for those that can't wait, it starts at 3:00 into the song.
1-7 of 8 Results