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  1. Recordings, Movies
    Check out this 3-minute video of the excellent contemporary Nigerian saxophonist Shola Eml produced by Libero Films of France: Shola is one of the leading alto saxophonists in West Africa and, other than a...
  2. Clarinet
    Has anyone heard of people playing the clarinet with the mouthpiece upside down (so the reed is against the top lip)? This weekend I was biking through a village in Madagascar, and I came across a wild parade with about a 10 piece marching band. There were four clarinet players, ranging from...
  3. Tips and Techniques
    Has anyone got any experience of keeping saxophones in a hot, humid climate? I will be taking a saxophone from the UK (which even in summer is not prone to being hot and humid) to Africa for several months. I'm thinking of leaving the good horn at home and taking a cheap one with me instead...
1-3 of 3 Results