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  1. Music Venues Around the World
    Do you know of any good ones? If so please post. Thanks.
  2. Late Bloomers
    Hi All, I am new in the Saxophone world. I have just learned how to play Sax for about 8 months, and I have a lot of fun. I just wonder if it is common in the Sax community to have a Sax Group. Other than Sax, I play piano and I belong to several Piano Groups. I am looking for a Sax group. How...
  3. Kessler Saxophones
    Hello Everyone, Many years ago, I was a really good clarinet player and a mediocre alto player. Started off with a borrowed Yamaha 23 and then bought a '34 Conn 6M. I played the Conn for a few years (despite the need for repairs and adjustments and a mouthpiece that matched, neither of which I...
1-3 of 3 Results