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  1. Sax-Related Collectables, Toys, Etc.
    Not quite sure where to post this, since it isn't a real saxophone, but I thought someone might have ideas. I acquired a Hohner Sax blow accordion a few months ago with the intention of fixing it up and playing it for fun. It's actually in pretty great shape; all of the keys are there and it...
  2. Shows
    I know it's a sax forum, but I play a lot of different instruments and so do a lot of you... Has anybody ever played the accordion book for Fiddler on the Roof? I'll be playing the part on a keyboard. I'm not very familiar with accordion music notation and was looking for some general...
  3. Brand Name Players ... I have to say, it is phenomenal! Chris's CD recording's do not do him justice That man is amazing This documentary was so worth the 2-3 year wait, and its free! Though I would've gladly paid to buy it
1-3 of 3 Results