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  1. Misc. Accessories
    Today I am happy to share my review of the famous (meme-worthy, even) product, Key Leaves! Many thanks to Rulon Brown and the Key Leaves company for answering all of my questions and supporting these reviews. If you want to learn more about Key Leaves, be sure to check out the following links...
  2. Miscellaneous
    Hello forum, I own a pretty bland (but lovable) pre-jubilee unengraved Selmer SA80 II Alto and I love it. I don't know why its not engraved, I bought it used from an older woman who stopped playing- so the horn itself is in good condition, minimal wear, missing a bit of finish on the palm...
  3. Misc. Accessories
    Fellow saxers, what are the best neck straps these days? I've used modified Oleg straps for years, but for the 2nd time the string attached to the leather neck part is almost fully frayed. Anything with a similar design but stronger manufacturing that you recommend and have personally used...
  4. Misc. Accessories
    Greetings! Would anyone be interested in a Etsy Store or something similar that sold saxophone mutes? I am interested in starting one, but thought I would see how much interest there is beforehand. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated!
  5. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    After many years of requests, we have worked with Kirk Whalum to present the KIRK WHALUM signature series neck for SX90R tenor saxophone. - dual bracing - nickel plated finish - gold lacquer octave key This is the exact same neck Kirk plays today, and will offer a more focused tone to your...
  6. Cases
    Can anyone recommend a hardshell soprano case for under $200 that would be better that the stock Selmer wood case that I already have? I just got a Hiscox alto case that I really like for $250 but unfortunately they do not make soprano cases. I would be interested in Walt Johnson but I think...
1-7 of 12 Results