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  1. Cases
    Has anyone heard of the cases by Michael Manning? Does anyone own one by him? What is his usual price range for a bari case if known?
  2. Cases
    As the title suggest I am looking for if anyone owns a Conn 12M and knows if it fits in a BAM case. Please do not post by looking at the BAM sight and saying that it should or shouldn't fit. Only post if you know for sure that it does or doesn't. thank you.
  3. Eb Baritone
    Hi to all, i really need some help with my conn. It's a 250xxx transitional baritone that i bought last year. When i received it, the pads were all diferent and without resonators, some with a small rivet, some totally in leather. the horn was not at its best but it played good, top to bottom...
21-23 of 26 Results