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Update: April 10, 2009

Sax on the Web Forum Archive

Archived posts from 1999 to early 2003

First Post
Last Post
Altissimo & Multiphonics Jan 30th, 2001 Feb 1st, 2003
Alto Saxophone Sep 2nd, 2001 Feb 2nd, 2003
Baritone Saxophone Archived 2002
Conn Saxophones Archived 2002-2003
Evette & Schaeffer, Buffet-Crampon S.A. Mar 11th, 1999 Jan 24th, 2003
Keilwerth Jan 4th, 1999 Jan 29th, 2003
Selmer Dec 11, 2001 Feb 2, 2003
SML (Strasser-Marigaux-Lemaire) Jun 3rd, 2003 Feb 2nd, 2003
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