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Oct 7th 12:24 AM
Hi people,

Well...this is just an intention, to buy myself a personal alto sax, in the future (not sure when yet).

From the website, brochures, and looked at the comments from the threads, I believe I intend to get a Yanagisawa A-992. I hope this is a good choice? I would like to have nice dark and warm sound, with suitable projection, good build of the structure. Of course, not at an expense of a high price.

So, i would like to know where can i get this sax at the best price with best quality when received? I stay in Singapore. Very few dealers are available locally, so i might import in the sax.

A question, how much will A-992 cost? If plus delievery, what is the range of the cost? Do you think it's possible to order from the Japan straight?...while having a cost lower than that when i order one from US? Any suggestions?

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Oct 7th 3:51 AM
Europe tends to have the best prices on new saxes. Try the dealers in Holland.
Dave Dolson
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Oct 7th 11:30 AM
Ding: I bought my A992 from Matthews in The Netherlands. Good choice, by the way. Mine is the best of the new altos I've tested (much more resonance than the others). Still, vintage altos are terrififc, too. You may learn that availability is more important than quoted prices. DAVE
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Oct 7th 1:43 PM

well...looks like Holland, is a great place to purchase?
but, will it be too far from my place? I stay in Singapore, Southeast Asia. How about buying straight from Japan, or elsewhere? Do you think it could be better? Since it's manufactured in Japan?

Just for me to ponder, Dave: You're saying that "the availability is more important than quoted prices". Hm...i was wondering whether you are referring to the stock available presently for A-992 is more important than the quoted price itself? Why is that so? :)
Could it be the case that the stock are numerous, but still sell not as cheaper as the other dealer?

Dave Dolson
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Oct 7th 3:58 PM
Ding: As to whether you should buy from Europe, the only way to know is to query the shops and see what they charge, to where they will ship, and if they even have the horn in stock. Several Internet-related shops list prices for variuous desirable horns but when you inquire, they don't have that particular horn in the inventory.

Most instrument dealers will discount off the MSRP, so the prices you are quoted may be close enough to each other from different sources. But if you want the horn, you'll pay the price asked (or negotiated) by the store that actually has one.

That's why I say the availability is more important than the price.

I've posted several times that efforts to actually lay hands on a desired horn and test it against my current horns have been for naught here in L.A. No one had what I wanted in stock, nor did they anticipate ever having one. Off to the Internet for me.

As far as buying in Japan (or from Japan), I have no knoweldge of that. DAVE
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Oct 7th 6:44 PM
Buying anything manufactured in Japan straight from Japan is a huge surprise. Things manufactured in Japan AND bought in Japan, are more expensive than Japanese products bought outside of Japan.
I know it seems strange, but that's the way it is.
Holland is probably your best bet on price.