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Moreno------alto sax
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Aug 3rd 4:48 PM
for Alto Sax:
quality', sound type, experiences, similar sound of saxophonist? And suitable for music fusion/smooth jazz?
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Aug 12th 1:25 PM
Great pieces ..!!!!
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Aug 30th 10:25 AM
I've tried the New York 7M (rubber)with an added baffle. It plays very easily and would easily qualify for a top quality mp. It sounds and feels like a NY meyers though, albeit brighter. I think that without the baffle, it would work for traditional types of jazz, and even with the baffle, would not really work for fusion/smooth as there's not a lot of edge, at least in the one I tried. Good luck.
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Aug 31st 6:27 AM
does phil add a baffle to one for extra $$ or does he sell them with the baffle all ready installed. or did you have the baffle put in?
User ID: 1920144
Aug 31st 11:07 PM
I had him put one in for extra $$. Usually he charges $75 for any kind of modification, although you could get the mps for $70.
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Oct 2nd 11:27 PM
I have a Barone NY without any further baffle or modification and heck it has plenty of power IMO...I also have a Lamberson 6DD that I got from Tim Price a while back and to quote Tim "It will draw blood"!