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Sep 19th 7:14 PM
I am an alto player, mainly jazz, in need of a pro alto horn whith no limits. Started playing Yamaha - got tired of its mono-tone, then a Conn chuberry which was fantastic sounding, but the keywork and intonation was too much of a hindrance. Now I have decided to finally invest a large sum of money in buying an excellent used modern sax. As I live in Italy, it's difficult to find a place where I can try out a large selection of different saxophones. I have played the Selmer 80 II on occasion. It seems to be a fine instrument with great projection, intonation, verstility and tone. I much preferred the sound of my Conn though. So any suggestions as to a sax with the same fantastic build and pro qualities of the Selmer 80 II but with a more Conn like sound? From reading these threads, it would seem that the Keilwerth is the type of sax I am after. Problem is finding one over here second hand. Thanks very much
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Sep 19th 7:14 PM
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Sep 19th 8:51 PM
Why don't you try a more modern(but still vintage) Conn such as a 6M or the Connquerer Model. You would get the Conn sound on more ergonomic keywork than a Chu. Otherwise it seems like you will have to go with a Keilwerth.