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Angle Tears
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Jul 22nd 2:05 AM
I have test on the following alto in last week:

Selmer Series II
Selmer Series III
Yamaha YAS-875 Custom
Yani A992


Unfortunately, I don't have chance to test a Mark VI (just can't find it in my country). But all the above horn I have test has their own character & sound. I just can't make decision to pick up any of it. But I like modern sound - smooth Jazz, Fusion & Contemporary Jazz. So, which horn you think will suit my taste.

PS: I use mainly Beechler Bellite metal #7 & Meyer M7 mouthpiece, Firabracello. 2.5

User ID: 0512724
Jul 22nd 2:26 AM
well start by writing out the qualities of each horn. what you like about the sound, the playability, the look, the price, the style, the keywork, everything you can say. say everything you think about each sax. then your decision will come without haste.
Brice B.
User ID: 0213374
Jul 22nd 7:52 AM
Series III
Dave Dolson
User ID: 9209903
Jul 22nd 10:49 AM
A992. DAVE
mostly alto guy
User ID: 0122954
Jul 22nd 10:58 AM
Given your list, you sound serious about playing saxophone, and no serious player should choose a horn without trying an SX90(R).
User ID: 7301983
Jul 22nd 11:05 AM
I say forget the Mark VI because you couldn't find enough of them to pick a great one, then buy the alto that is the easiest to play (fingering, resistance, weight...), since all of them are "equal" to you, though different.
User ID: 1676554
Jul 22nd 4:07 PM
I would also suggest asking around repair shops in your area, many of the players often tell the repairer that their horn is for sale. You may be able to get a better instrument for less money this way.
User ID: 0860834
Oct 24th 1:09 PM
I'm with u, mostly alto guy. SX 90(R) is a gd choice.
Dr. B
User ID: 1383404
Oct 24th 1:15 PM
Selmer Serie III
User ID: 0178794
Oct 24th 3:45 PM
Here, here! MAG is right- give an SX90 a try too.
User ID: 6772333
Oct 28th 8:52 PM
In my order of preference:

Yanagisawa A9937
Keilwerth SX90R
Yanagisawa A992