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Oct 24th 12:59 PM
I'm thinking of ordering a V16 alto mp. I'm currently playing on a Keilwerth 7* alto mp with a SR BG lig, Plasticover #2. I've tried quite a number of mouthpieces before this.... Yamaha 4c, Selmer c*,C**(For classical stuff!), Selmer Jazz G(It's ok but ain't loud and edgy enough. Goodness...the keilwerth's much more louder and brighter!!),Rico Royal Graftonite C7, Ottolink Super Tone Master(Certainly NOT for alto....more for tenor...).....bought a Runyon Custom Jazz Red mouthpiece...and it ain't givin me the volume needed.....nice tone though..
I've tried Jumbo Java(a very BRIGHT mp!!) and Beecler...(I dun quite like the sound....and the flexibility to bent those notes...) M playing in a big band....a concert band...a funk and rock band....SKA band..... Could anyone tell me if the V16 mps are loud? And how's the sound like....? I'd appreciate if anyone can reply to my Qs.... Thank you!! And btw, I'm playing a SX 90R alto saxophone......
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Oct 25th 12:15 PM
Great mouthpiece, I use an A6S, it has a bright immediate sound. Great for jazz, or if you just want to be heard, without being a buzzy high baffle piece.

HOWEVER - whilst it works great on my Serie III alto, it is not so good on my JK SX90R Anniversary. The JKs are a bit odd intonation-wise with some pieces, and the V16 A6S has to be almost hanging off the end of the neck pipe to get the tuning and intonation right, and then I'm not totally convinced.

With an A28 however, it is a killer, though that is a rather clean classical sound, albeit brighter than a C*. I would suggest that you try either a V5 series in a wider opening (e.g. a A35 or even more) otherwise go for the medium chamber V16, as that might help the intonation.

Having said all that, none of these will be as much in your face as a Runyon + spoiler, or the Beechler so maybe the Vandorens are too subtle for what you require.
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Oct 25th 2:37 PM
I enjoyed playing the A7S. It sounds pretty much like the old Meyers, except it's a bit brighter. Intonation is no problem on the series II alto, but I'm not sure about others. I would use the V16 on small combo/big band playing instead of rock. The sound, when playing with electric instruments, tend to get drowned out.
You might want to get a Berg Larsen or Runyon Bionix if you want it really bright.
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Oct 26th 1:05 PM
Mmmmm...Thanx very much for the info bout the A7s and A6s....I will try getting either the A6 or A7.. Hey! You must try it to find out more,right? But m a bit concern bout the intonation problem though...... Thanx anyway!! Keep saxing!!
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Oct 26th 7:37 PM
just bought and sold a v16 6m .tried in on my mark 6 thought it was lame . no power, no edge, dull bland sounding piece. sold it for half of what i paid. my opinion.dont see what people like about them.
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Oct 27th 11:35 AM
Mmmmmmm.....Sounds to me like it dun av the modern jazz sound....maybe i'll go for the jumbo java instead..... Thanx for ur opinion,jd...
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Oct 27th 1:17 PM
I also like the A28 on my JK, and I agree with Steve; it is pretty bright. I'm having some good intonation results with a HR Yani 4 on my JK also, and getting a very nice dark sound.

Haven't heard of anyone using a Jumbo on JKs, might be worth a try.
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Oct 27th 4:03 PM
We were talking about the small chambere ones, JD. A6S, not A6M.
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Oct 28th 3:32 AM
I still think Saxcoluss needs to look elsewhere for a really loud and edgy sound. Maybe it's Runyon Quantum territory he should be looking in, or a metal Berg Larsen?
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Oct 28th 3:35 AM
He didn't say specifically which kind of music he wants to play with the V16 piece though.
But I agree. Get real loud, go for Runyon or Berg.
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Oct 28th 9:48 AM
I've been testing an A6M on my Yani alto lately. Compared to my Runyon Custom, the A6M has a darker, more spread sound, and takes more air to make it sing. Altissimo is more difficult on the A6M. A good, warm mpc, but definitely not loud or edgy. daver
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Oct 28th 11:35 AM
Specifically? Well.....I'm in quite a number of bands.....So jez wanna find a mp that's loud and very flexible sound..jazzy..... It's very difficult Singapore.... There's quite a number of shops that sell sax here.....But when it comes to sax mouthpieces...All they can say is, "Oh sorry, we dun av it. Would u like to place an order for it?" And it'll take a long time b'fore those mps arrive and by that time, I feel like I'm dead! ain't got any shop here that av those mps to try on....Runyon? Well....I've tried Runyon X.L. ,and my JK mp volume...and flexibility too..... But av'nt try those bergs and the runyon quantum though.... There's quite some interesting facts bout JodyJazz mps...and i've been to the site.... FreeBlowing and able to play in most kinds of music.... Anyone here use em'?
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Oct 28th 6:10 PM
i should have tried the small chambered ones.. the place i got mine didnt have them. i do love small chambered pieces like meyer and others.they play easier and have more punch.
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Oct 28th 9:11 PM
The small chambered ones are definitely worth a try. I can't say it's as bright as a jumbo java, but it just sounds more compact.

Saxcoluss if you're into Runyon, try a Bionix. Put a plasticover reed on it, you'll rip through everyone. But it can be easily toned down for a mellow sound. A metal Berg is good also. You might want to go for a 1 or 2 chamber.
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Oct 29th 1:08 AM
Hey SaxColuss, you need a dukoff... or a Jumbo java. This may not go well in your concert band though. But should do nicely in all other situations.

Maybe you should give that excellent beechler another try ;-)
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Oct 30th 11:22 AM
Bring it on, u greenhorn u.....and i'll try it....again.......hehe.....c ya.... keep saxin'! Bout the small chamber ones.... it's the V16s right?
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Oct 30th 8:28 PM
he needs a dukoff!