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Jul 30th 1:05 AM
Anyone heard of this Japanese group called Dimension Jazz? The sax player plays a very bright and compact sound on alto that I like. I am considering buying a Codera Alto from WW&BW since it's so cheap. Would the Codera produce a similar sound? I know the mouthpiece is a huge factor in sound production, but some horns are more compact sounding than others.

BTW, I am playing a amazing B&S tenor series 2001, so I have no doubt that B&S makes great saxes, but it might not be compact enough for me in the sound I'm looking for in alto.
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Jul 30th 6:29 AM
much of what you are hearing as compacted sound is produced by studio and sound reinforcment techniques-electronic voodoo
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Aug 1st 11:30 AM

Yes, I have all CD from Dimension (Dimension, not Dimension Jazz). They haev 3 persons. Sax player called "Kazuki Katsuta". Thie rguitar player "Takashi Masuzaki' is very good.
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Aug 2nd 1:40 AM

I thought they were called Dimension Jazz because labeled them as "Dimension Jazz", but I guess they made a mistake becuase it's just "Dimension" on their own official website. It's really too bad that I can't find any of their CD's in stores here in Vancouver, so all the songs I've got are MP3s, only about 20 of them.
User ID: 0707654
Aug 2nd 12:37 PM

Try to get their first CD, title 'La Mars'. I have almost 10 CD from them but this is the best one.