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Sep 25th 6:04 AM
from ebay france :
Dave Dolson
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Sep 27th 3:09 PM
jcnmark6: Sorry I cannot read French but I did look at the auction you listed. I have a gold-plated Cigar Cutter that is a really good saxophone. The auction did not list a serial number nor did it adequately portray the famous cigar-cutter octave mechanism so I was unable to determine if the saxophone pictured was really a Cigar Cutter. If it is, it should be a nice horn, especially in silver. DAVE
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Sep 29th 6:56 PM
I read french:

It is listed as a silver alto SELMER cigar cutter in very good shape, serial number 17695. Silver is apparently 100%.

It is for sale by an antique shop which specializes in musical instruments. Check out the pictures on his site:

He has a Adolph Sax alto for sale.
Steve Cars
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Sep 30th 8:05 PM
Everything at // seems a little "rough"...