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Dig Gonsalves
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Oct 31st 2:55 PM
Surprised at not seeing a word here about Lee...
immediately recognizable sound/tone. A Sound Innovator in his own right. Had the vision to develop a personal concept, going against the flow of Bird-imitation.
Still improvising.
Still searching.

So many cats deserve recognition, but Lee's a legend.
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Nov 1st 9:19 PM
There has been a lot written about Lee on this forum.
I agree. He's very underrated. He has a unique approach to improvisation. His 10 step approach was an inspiration for me when I was studying improvisation.
My favorite recordings by Lee are "Motion" and "Inside Hi-Fi". He has a sound that is very exciting, yet highly listenable.
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Nov 3rd 2:30 PM

Lee's 10 step approach can be found at this web site. I know he had a Master's Class at Temple U.

Dig Gonsalves
User ID: 1105234
Nov 4th 6:42 PM
I'm new to this forum. Is there an Archives anywhere?
User ID: 0512724
Nov 5th 11:18 AM
I haven't listened to that much Konitz, and don't know why. I really like what I have heard. There were a couple CDs of duets with Lee and Bill Evans (or was it Gil) that are beautiful. I'll have to check them out again. That's the problem with having hundreds of cds, some real diamonds get forgotten in the stacks.
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Nov 5th 8:15 PM
Okay, Lee Konitz and Gil Evans, "Heroes" and "Anti Heroes" on Verve/Remark, recorded 1980
tim price
User ID: 0164614
Nov 5th 9:45 PM
A few Konitz CDs that are close to my CD player are:
Konitz...Parrells...with ,
Lee Konitz, alto sax; Mark Turner, tenor sax; Peter Bernstein, guitar; Steve Gilmore, acoustic bass; Bill Goodwin, drums.On Chesky records.

"Gong With The Wind Suite"- A duet featuring Lee Konitz (alto sax) and master percussionist Matt Wilson (drums, gongs, you name it). 24 bit recording. Konitz and Wilson (who has been drumming w/ Konitz for over 10 years) have come up with this unique "suite" which is composed of is made up of 13 vignettes.

Older but still great:
The Lee Konitz Quartet, with Mike Moore, Benny Aranov and Jimmy Madison, Chiaroscuro Records

THE JOBIM COLLECTION Lee Konitz/Peggy Stern on Philogy

Lee Konitz "Three Guys" on Enja.

Ewan Mackenzie
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Nov 11th 7:44 AM
If anyones interested Lee Konitz is playing at the Bridge Jazz Bar in Edinburgh on the 27th & 28th Nov. He's also holding a workshop session on the Thursday afternoon.