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Aug 20th 4:32 AM
I saw a very beautiful alto, but don't know which brand it is. How can I post this photo to here? Or someone who can give me his email address so that you can tell me which brand. Whne you see this, you must say it's the most beautiful alto in world. Thanks.
Andrew D
User ID: 1076954
Aug 20th 4:40 AM
If you saw it on www then copy & paste url ( in address bar)to message. If you have it on your hard drive you can upload it to a server eg yahoo groups or one of many others and paste the url from that location.
soprano player
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Aug 21st 2:50 AM
Is it a Monique alto?
User ID: 9865253
Aug 23rd 10:15 AM
soprano player,

Monique alto? What it is?

I bought 2 CD for a new alto player "Michael Lington", his alto are so beautiful!!! Inside it has mentioned "Thanks for
Yanagisawa Saxophone"

The logo seem to be like Yani but all sax brand are on right side on the bell. The logo on his horn is in front below of the bell. Or, may be it's Custom order made by Yani.

Here is a photo (but you can't see it clear).,,252843,00.html

I appreaciate if anybody who know what alto and model it is?
soprano player
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Aug 23rd 11:39 PM
I was just joking about the Monique part.
Michael Lington plays on a Yanagisawa alto and LA Sax soprano. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Aug 24th 1:00 AM
soprano player,

Yanagisawa alto, I believe because Yani is well known to produce excellent horn (I'm also a Yani alto user). But L.A. Sax soprano!!!??? No way, he can use L.A. Sax for promotion but impossible in studio. His soprano sound is very bright, thick, solid, full. Hard to believe it's a L.A. Sax. I have test on 2 L.A. Sax soprano before, my comment is ......%$#. I guess it sounds like a German soprano.

OK, back to Yani alto, never see this model in Yani production line. The logo is in front of the bell, you think it's tailor made by Yani?