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Aug 15th 11:14 PM
Hey all,
I just purchased a Conn "Transitional" alto in good condition. I couldn't resist the price! The horn is from '32 and is getting pads replaced, so I have not been able to play it yet. I do play a Yanagisawa A991, though. I have a Jody Jazz #7 for it, and it rocks. My question now, though, is directed towards anyone with experience with this era horn. What mouthpieces would work best for a jazz/big band setup? Will my JJ still rip it? Thanks for your time!
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Aug 15th 11:19 PM
I have the same horn. Ser #246xxx in silver plate with the art decco engraving. I use the horn with either a Meyer 6m or a Jody Jazz #8. Both pieces work well. The Jody being brighter and louder.

User ID: 9614573
Aug 15th 11:28 PM
Awesome Glen, thanks.
J. Calhoun
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Aug 16th 10:39 AM
I have been pretty happy with Meyer #7 and #3 Vandoren reeds. I really would prefer a little more open piece for lead playing as this one tends to close up on me at high volumes, but if you are primarily an alto player it would probably be OK. I picked this from a music store, it is not vintage, but I had to check out several as the workmanship varies considerably.
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Aug 21st 8:06 PM
I recently got a late tranny, 262xxx with pretty much all the 6M features. It hadn't been played for about 35 years, but it sounded great -- really great with a Meyer 5M/M. Then the pads & cork started flying off of it!! It's shop-bound, soon.
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Aug 24th 12:11 PM
Hahah, get that baby overhauled.
Paul C.
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Aug 25th 12:43 AM
The Jody Jazz is based on the Runyon Custom. The JJ and Custom will both work quite well on the older Conns and Bueschers.

If you feel you need a darker tone, try the Runyon SR alto. This is a version of the Runyon Custom designed in the late 1930's, and has a bigger chamber and less curved baffle.
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Oct 25th 6:13 PM
I have a transitional alt . Serialnumber: 250xxx.
It has a very open en dark sound with a
meyer 8 small short mouthpiece: baffling.