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Oct 15th 1:19 AM
Anyone out there know of his setup?
soprano player
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Oct 15th 5:29 AM
Yanagisawa alto, Vandoren jumbo Java mouthpiece, old Brilhart ligature.
tim price
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Oct 16th 5:56 AM
I dig Greg, hes a master player and has beauty and depth in his playing.
His playing is a real source of..THE NEW.
In addition his projects ALWAYS sound like bands.
Which means he must be way cool to work/gig with. EG-a leader!!
I admire him a lot.
soprano player
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Oct 16th 6:59 AM
I like his style quite a bit. His sound and playing ideas are very personal, i've never heard anything like it.
Son Of Zorn
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Oct 16th 8:47 AM
I have been digging Greg's original sound for some time. Each project seems to take his music deeper into this new direction. try transcribing some of his solos and you will see what i mean. Ut's very deep. More Chord identities than specific changes. Lot's of oimplications, tonaly.

Go there...he has tones of free downo=loads and lead sheets.
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Oct 17th 12:03 AM
Greg Osby's reeds:

Alexander "DC" 3 on Alto and 3.5 on Soprano
Son Of Zorn
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Oct 17th 12:08 AM
How dare Osby copy my reed set up. I don't care how hard he works, he'll never sound like me :-)
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Oct 17th 5:42 AM
I saw him way back (96?) in London, in Ronnies. He really impressed me. Something very quiet and thoughtful in his playing, and somehow very honest.

After the gig he and the band were outside the club. They'd changed and it took me a few seconds to realise it was them. I got a chance to chat a few minutes to them, and thank them for the show. Very likeable guys.
tim price
User ID: 0164614
Oct 17th 7:42 AM
greg has a vision as well as an agenda of sound.
i hear originality from him and that is a gas.
this cat is together..big time.his harmony ideas are just to cool. ditto gary thomas.
soprano player
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Oct 17th 4:34 PM
Everyone should read Greg Osby's interview in his web site, under the "Resource" page. Some of the things he says are quite funny and gives a good insight to music business.