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Sep 12th 1:27 AM
I know that the Customs are more of a hand built horn than the 62s, but does anyone know what other differences there are? Materials different? Different bores, necks, keywork, action? Are there huge sonic differences?
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Sep 12th 6:21 AM
The 875 is a heavier horn, and yes, a different alloy. Im not certain of the exact bore differences. Action on Both is great ... more adjustments on the 62. Sonically, the custom is much darker and heavier bodied sounding.
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Sep 13th 12:10 PM

But I heard many people said YAS-875 has very bright sound, much brighter than Yani A-991 or Series III. Many players even can't suffer such brightness tone...? Is it?
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Sep 13th 12:14 PM
the matte alto series III that I played was extremely brighter than the 875...but, maybe they were try before you play!
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Sep 14th 8:28 AM
I have a silver 875. It is not overly bright to my ear, but than again I tend toward preferring brighter colors in sound. Ive played and owned Keilwerth altos, and though they were not as edgy as my 875, they were not significantly difference.

Persoanlly, I feel that the tendencies of the horn itself give you a range to work within, but reed and mouthpiece set up ... and the way you blow ... have infinitely more to do with bright vs. Dark.

In other words, I could use a mellower piece like a Jody Jazz, or Runyon Custom on my 875 .... and use a solo or lead type piece (Beecler, Lakey, or my favorite 'smoothbore') on a keilwerth and change the whole bright / dark perception picture.

The most important things in a new axe, to me, are tone color range
Complexity of overtones
Mechanical reliability (probably #1)
and definately a Way Cool durable finish

The rest is up to us as musicians...
Good luck... bri
M Exner
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Sep 14th 11:10 PM
I like the lay of the hands on the custom better than the 62. Smoother action, but I prefer the 62's tonal qualities and easier adjustments . Had to let the custom go. Love the 62! The older ones with the Decal logo are thought to be the better ones.
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Sep 20th 5:33 PM
I had a 62 and traded it in for one of the first Customs back in MKvi, Super 20, or any other axe has brought a smile to my face the way this horn has...wouldn't trade it for anything!
mat price
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Oct 7th 8:57 AM
i have a 62 from 1988 i love it. the low notes are soooo smoth on that horn. the high end is ok. good all around horn i think
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Oct 15th 10:36 AM
I had a YAS 875 and I have a YTS 875. I have a YTS 62, but I never had a YAS 62 - I have played a few though.

I did feel that the YAS 875 was overly bright, and I also felt that the one I owned was somewhat slightly stuffy although I've played others that were not. On the tenor I prefer the 875, but I also think it is brighter than the 62. I do think the YAS 62 is a very good alto and probably a better value for the money than the 875. However, I have switched to a Yanagisawa 991 and Selmer Series II alto. Overall I like the 991 better, but the Series II has its merits. I bought both the selmer and the yani used and paid less for either of them than even a new 62.