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Aug 6th 4:54 AM
Hi there...

Just want to hear your comments on the following models:

Any great tone difference on 992 as compared to 9930? about other comparison...991-992 etc

If you were to purchase one of the above models, which one would you buy?...and what is the distinctive features/capability of the model that makes you choosing that model?

Which one do you think can give you a dark, warm classical sound? Is it 992? How about 9930? Do they give more projection while giving a less dark and warm sound?

I'm playing in a symphonic band, so which model would you suggest me to buy?

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Aug 6th 5:05 AM
Have a look at the reviews by my good friend Steve Birtwistle at - see 'sax tests' bottom RHS of home page.

I find the A901 a bit bright and rough for my tastes and the keywork is ultimately not quite pro quality, feeling a bit flimsy.

The A991 is my favourite, a great easy blowing and flexible sound, very similar to a Series III Selmer.

The A992 I found a bit dark and dead in alto form, though I love the tenor and soprano in this line.

The solid silver ones have an incredibly even, almost 'hi-fi' sound but lacked character for me. I tried about 3 different types and found little difference between them.

Worth a look if you find one are the 901S and 991S in silver plate, this gives a lovely feel and sound and the 901S is something special, though a bit expensive; I picked up a T901S tenor for a cheap price and love it. I play tested an A901S and it almost has the edge on all the other Yani altos IMHO, except that it is perhaps not quite gig-worthy enough.

Hope this helps.
Dave Dolson
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Aug 6th 11:24 AM
Ding: I own a Yana A992 (and recently passed along my older 880-model to my grandson). Of all the modern hi-end altos (Yana, Selmer, Yamaha, JK)I've tested, the A992 had the best sound to my ears. All of those altos played okay and had good intonation, but the A992 had all that - and more. There is a resonance to its sound that didn't exist in the others I played. I am happy with it - but for my type of music (1920's jazz) I favor my old silver Buescher TT. DAVE
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Aug 6th 12:50 PM
Thanks stevew, that site proves to be quite useful, a lot of information there.

Dave...hi! Looks like i'm now more towards A-992 now, cos of the bronze laquering. I really hope that it does give the warm, dark resonating but fluid sound that i'm looking for. I'm looking for a more classical sound. My current setup is as followed:
YAS-62, E. Rousseau NC4, Hemke 3.5, Rovner Dark. I'm just planning to buy my own instrument in the near the YAS-62 is owned by my institution. Now i have my own mouthpiece, and i'm quite happy with it.

Yup...anymore suggestions or advice for me?
Shall i do an import into Singapore?
Or i just buy from a dealer shop in Singapore?
Any difference?

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Aug 6th 1:15 PM
I own a Yani A902 bronze. I'm very satisfied with it. It definitely sounds darker than the standard brass model. The 902 does not have ribs and the keywork is less robust, compared to the 992. The body of the sax is identical to the 992. These horns all have excellent intonation and mine is quite free blowing. Classical players, from what I understand, like more resistance. That could just be an issue with the mouthpiece. The Yamaha 62 is quite bright sounding compared to the Yani bronze models.

I bought mine from of Holland) last year when the U.S. dollar was strong and saved 900$ from the price from local dealers. You can save quite a bit by shopping overseas depending on the value of your country's currency.
Mike R.
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Aug 6th 3:29 PM
I want one of the 992 bronze altos with the optional gold-plating, and one of their gold-plated sterling silver necks...

...sorry, just daydreaming...
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Aug 6th 3:39 PM
im probably going to get a black 991 alto soon.

need some more money first :P
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Aug 6th 4:53 PM
If you are dreaming, go for the 9937, solid Sterling neck, body, bow and bell. A sound like no other Yanagisawa alto.
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Aug 6th 9:58 PM

I just start playing sax (alto) for 5 months, my first horn is a Yana A-901. Even it's the entry model horn for Yanagisawa, I'm very happy with the sound & keywork.

My question is if I like modern music sound (smooth Jazz, Fusion), will A-992 too dark & dull for me, better to get a A-991 in the future?

I also considering Selmer Series III but you know Selmer quality is inconsistency, always need re-adjustment setup. And the keyqwork is not as good as Yani. Of course, pricing are much more expensive than a A991.

By the way, how you compare A991 with Yamaha Custom YAS-875? Which sound you like more? Big pricing difference.