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soprano player
User ID: 8290473
Aug 15th 10:56 PM
My series II alto is a bit too dark for the material that I'm playing. I recently saw a B&S 2001 silver plated alto in a local music store. Is this any brighter than the series II and series III? Thanks.
Tom S
User ID: 0108854
Aug 16th 10:24 AM
What kind of mpc are you using? I play on a pre WWII Conn 6M (dark horn) but can get a very bright sound based on my mpc choice.
User ID: 8868883
Aug 16th 10:35 AM
Good point, try the Vandoren mouthpieces - e.g. V5 (brighter classical sound) A6 (brighter still). And of course there are degrees brighter still with choice of material, spoilers, baffles and so on.
soprano player
User ID: 8290473
Aug 16th 12:15 PM
I'm using a 105/1 Berg Larsen for alto. It sounds alright, but I think the Selmer sound is too spread. Any B&S info anyone?
User ID: 7768703
Aug 19th 12:35 AM
soprano player,

Before you buy the B&S 2001 silver plated alto, try a Beechler Bellite metal either no. 6 or 7. This MP will make bright, soild, full, rich tone. It work very well on my Yani alto. If it work on yoru Series II, you don't need to buy a new horn.

If you really want a new horn that is bright, try to compare Yani A-991 & Series III.