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casual sax
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Sep 14th 10:53 PM
i currently play on a selme series III silver plate alto. i am interested in buying a more "roarin lion" type sax. iv heard vintage saxes have a few loud, dirty like sounding saxes. which are the "mark Vi's" in dirty, loud saxophone playin?cons? bueshers? martins? please help. i want to try te bes saxes in this catagory. just lookin for a secondary horn , but rock n roll/funk/ type music are my favorite so i may end up usin this as my number 1 horn who knows. my email is [email protected] if ya want to email me. thx.
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Sep 15th 12:56 AM
Try a Bari Hawk2 metal mpc. with a synthetic
reed. It will be as loud and edgy as you'll
ever need.
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Sep 15th 7:48 AM
vintage tenors are known for being good r&roll horns .this is not the case w/alto.i play r&roll alto so i have lots of experience in thi s area. the yamaha 52,62 are the best for bright agressive type playing. mpc and attitude are far more important . my rock&roll alto set is a yamaha 52 w dukoff d7 or runyon xl mpc.amoung vintage i recommend the king suoer20 and zephyr
mostly alto guy
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Sep 15th 10:44 AM
Bright can be fine for rock, but I would suggest also considering darker but very powerful horns. A NS JK should knife its way through any wall of sound without grating on anyone's nerves, as an overly bright sound can do.
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Sep 15th 5:13 PM
Try a Conn 30M; a Buffet S-1; or,of course, a Unison Steve Goodson Model.
mostly alto guy
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Sep 16th 2:54 PM
Steve, an S1 for rock? I wouldn't have put those two together, but now that you mention it, why not? I find the S1 capable of producing any sort of sax sound my mind can imagine. It takes well to different set-ups while still sounding like a Buffet. Gotta give that a try if I ever find myself playing rock.
User ID: 0255034
Sep 16th 4:32 PM
i think steve is refering it tenors.note the reference to the 30m .i forgot to mention the yamaha 61. h couf and any keilwerth stencil would be a good choice also
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Sep 16th 5:12 PM
I've got a late 20's Chu that I think would make a spanking rock horn, or super-gutsy R&B axe. Though it's not as bright or focused as a Zephyr or Super 20, it's brighter than any Martin or Buescher alto from that era that I've played.

It's also just plain growly and LOUD. Loudest alto I've ever played, & I'm just using a Meyer 5M/M on it, La Voz medium reed. Sound it makes is dense, too -- it wouldn't be easy to drown out. And if you want it to roar, just a little throat growl makes it roar -- and how!!

I've got to admit I didn't like it at first - I generally like a more focused sound. But I've had a blast with this horn. It's the only Chu I've ever played, though, so I can't compare to others.
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Sep 16th 5:41 PM
I used an S-1 alto and tenor for several years, and, as those who know me will attest, I'm a honker.
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Sep 22nd 12:27 AM
I think that the sound depends more on the mpc and the reed. Try to play with a wider tip opening and the projection will be better. I think that for alto r&r a wider tip opening an a lot of altissimos can do the work.